Read what our top Sales Representatives have to say about American Income Life:

American Income Life’s “Agent of the Year” Winners

Roghie Hassan (2008 & 2009)

Roghie Hassan Loo fled to North America during the outbreak of a revolution and even survived a coma to become American Income Life Insurance Company’s record breaker. Roghie didn’t just break the record for American Income Life in 2008, she shattered it. Roghie’s story shows nothing can stop you from succeeding with AIL.

Max Quasem* (2006)

*from the Cohen-Cohen Agency

Max Quasem is a consistent top performer for American Income Life. After ranking in the top 10 for several years, the climb to the number one performer spot finally paid off in 2006. Max continues to push himself to strive for success. He’s an example to everyone – apply yourself, and win.

Cohen-Cohen Leadership

Micah Cohen

Micah Cohen joined American Income Life in 2002, continuing the family legacy his uncles, cousins, and father have been a part of for many years.

David Cohen

David Cohen has had the opportunity to mentor and train thousands of Agents, many of whom are State General Agents today. The opportunity David took in 1978 has grown in ways he never expected.