American Income Life Final Expenses Insurance

Grieving is hard, but it’s much harder when there is the financial strain of paying for final arrangements. The average cost of final expenses continues to rise, and these expenses can be higher depending on where you live.

Typical costs include:

  • Transporting of remains
  • Embalming or cremation
  • Preparation of the body
  • Facility fee for viewing and the ceremony
  • A hearse
  • Memorial cards and register book
  • A metal casket, urn, or vault

Expenses become even more overwhelming when you consider that Social Security only pays a $255 death benefit, and only if you qualify*. That still leaves all or most of the expenses for your family to cover. A life insurance policy from American Income Life can help cover these expenses and provide security for your family during their time of grieving.

Freedom of Choice Program

As a convenience, your beneficiary may elect to take advantage of American Income Life’s Freedom of Choice certificate. AIL’s Freedom of Choice Certificate enables the beneficiary to assign a designated benefit amount directly to the funeral home following your death. Since most funeral homes require immediate payment, this allows your family to choose any funeral home and provide them with the completed Freedom of Choice certificate. The funeral home contacts American Income Life directly to cover the funeral cost.

This no-cost service alleviates one burden for your family during this stressful time, allowing the funeral home to make preparations while your family grieves. A life insurance policy gives your loved ones money to cover funeral home charges, cemetery costs, and other related final expenses.

*Source: Survivors Benefits, Social Security Online, July 2011