Providers of American Income Life Insurance & Careers

The Cohen-Cohen Office is one of the largest offices of independent agents representing the products of American Income Life. Its headquarters have been in the Miracle Mile District in Los Angeles, California for more than 25 years. This shows not only that we are here to stay, but that we also know something about providing opportunities for lasting and successful careers. In fact, the Cohen-Cohen Office is a father / son team under the direction of two generations of the Cohen family: State General Agents David Cohen and Micah Cohen.

David Cohen has been contracted with American Income Life since 1977. He was not able to pay his college tuition at the time and decided to give insurance sales a shot. What was supposed to be a six-to-nine-month gig turned out to be a lifetime career.

Micah Cohen also got started in what had become a family business selling American Income Life products. He hit the field as an Agent, working his way up into management at the Cohen-Cohen Office. He’s seen his family business grow from where it was 20 years ago to where it is now.