Company Growth

While many industries continue to downsize, American Income Life and National Income Life are expanding markets and career opportunities. The Companies’ efforts are focused on supporting labor and labor-related causes. AIL and NILICO are fully union companies. The Companies are organized under collective bargaining agreements that serve the knowledgeable, independently contracted sales representatives writing insurance applications in the field and the skilled staff producing and servicing policies in our Home Office alike. The Companies’ respective field forces have seen phenomenal growth, translating to increased long-term net worth and a secure financial future for many of the Companies’ independently contracted agents who enjoy increased commissions, production bonuses, and lifetime vesting.

American Income Life and National Income Life have combined assets of more than $2.2 billion with more than $35.2 billion of life insurance in force for working families (as of 12/10).

In 2010, more than $90.8 million of life claims and $27.8 million in accident and health claims combined were paid to working families through their benefits with American Income Life and National Income Life. Under the Accidental Death and Dismemberment no-cost benefit, more than $4 million was paid to working families. Plus, the optional, noninsurance Partners™ Discount Service Program saved members almost $1.5 million on prescription medications alone.