American Income Life Children Protection & Insurance

Finances are an important part of your child’s future, and not something to be taken lightly. That’s where American Income Life comes in. Life insurance for your child is a wise investment in their future. Choose between term life, whole life, and the Head Start Program to determine which is best for your child.

Not sure which to pick? If your child (or grandchild) has just been born or is younger than age 17, choose the Head Start Program. If your child is in college, or just out of college, consider term life. Whole life is always a good option no matter the age.

Life Insurance for Children:

Education Insurance – If you died today, would your children be financially able to afford a good education and go to college? A life insurance policy from American Income Life can help protect that dream for them in the case of your untimely death. Be prepared and provide the best for your child.

Protection for Children:

No-Cost Child Safe Kit – Have your child’s information ready in case the worst possible situation occurs. This kit is endorsed by the Union of Police Associations and available to you at no cost. Find out more information here.