Leadership Opportunities

American Income Life offers much more than just sales opportunities! Contract promotions come from within, which means there are always opportunities for advancement. The Cohen-Cohen Agency’s motto is: ‘Step up so others can step in,’ which defines a commitment to provide increasing opportunities to those who want to lead an American Income Life independent sales force to the next level.

AIL seeks men and women from diverse backgrounds and experiences who want to advance and develop their careers as true leaders. The Company offers the opportunity to ‘climb the career ladder’ as far as representatives are willing and committed to pursuing its heights.

Renewal System

Every time a American Income Life Representative makes a qualifying sale, a percentage of premiums paid on the policy each month is credited to them for as long as they remain contracted or become vested. That is the awesome thing about insurance sales careers. Continue to get paid for the sale long after it was made! Make more money before you even get out of bed in the mornings!


American Income Life has developed a niche marketing system, which utilizes an international public relations team dedicated to helping generate leads for agencies. This highly developed system sets American Income Life apart from other insurance companies.

Contracting with AIL also provides flexible schedules, training, team-building seminars, and Company events like the annual Convention in exotic and exciting locations.