Leadership Bios

American Income Life Insurance Career Testimonials

Learn more about the dynamic team at the Cohen-Cohen Office. Get inspired and pumped up by the true life stories of normal people who have found Opportunity Unlimited by representing the American Income Life products as independent agents.

David Cohen
David Cohen has been contracted with American Income Life since 1977. He was not able to pay his college tuition at the time and decided to give insurance sales a shot. What was supposed to be a six-to-nine-month gig turned out to be a lifetime career.

Micah Cohen
Micah Cohen also got started in what had become a family business selling American Income Life products. He hit the field as an Agent, working his way up into management at the Cohen-Cohen Office. He’s seen his family business grow from where it was 20 years ago to where it is now.

Erik Graham
Regional General Agent Erik Graham has represented American Income Life for 23 years. Before planting roots at the Cohen-Cohen Office in Simi Valley, California, Erik opened six offices that offered AIL products. Previously Erik was in the restaurant business, having owned and operated two restaurants. Erik originally contracted with American Income Life to work in a self-employed culture where he was responsible for his own future. And that’s exactly what he found. Erik enjoys the helping aspect of his career. He encourages fellow AIL representatives to reach their own success, as well as helping customers find the right products for them. He offers this advice to people thinking about contracting with American Income Life: “If you have a commitment to excellence, a great work ethic, and really enjoy helping people, this Company is right for you.”

Marko Jankovic
Marko Jankovic, a Master General Agent from the Los Angeles office comes from Belgrade, Serbia, and is no stranger to soaring over any obstacles. In fact, he’s an accomplished pilot. After graduating from Berkley College of Music, Marko moved to California in 2001 to become a recording engineer. However, the desire to be in business for himself left him wanting more, and that’s when he found the Cohen-Cohen Office. While representing the products of American Income Life, Marko has been a two-time convention qualifier and has consistently received his bonus for 58 straight weeks. Marko offers this advice for people thinking about joining American Income Life as in independent agent: “If you’re curious about AIL, don’t think about it. Make the change and take charge of your future.” Marko hopes to extend this opportunity to more people and continue working hard to keep his bonus record.

Scott Kim
Scott Kim was working as a customer service representative at a credit improvement agency when he realized there was no room for growth. He wanted more than a job; something with more rewards, more impact, and a way to make a difference. Scott came to his career as a representative of American Income Life with no sales training and experienced the support he needed to succeed. He received training, leads, and by working hard, Scott was able to succeed.

In Scott’s words: “It takes courage to be rich, and that means you have to work hard and sacrifice to see your dreams come true. No one in this world is going to give you what you want; you have to claim it for yourself.” Sales is challenging, and that’s why it’s fun for Scott.

Kiet Anh Truong
Kiet Anh Truong was a car salesman before his career with the Los Angeles office of the Cohen-Cohen Office. Needless to say, the opportunity for growth and advancement was more than enough incentive to get him on board selling AIL’s products, and he hasn’t looked back since. While representing American Income Life products, Kiet has been one of the top 20 Master General Agents in the Company, as well as attending convention.

Kiet enjoys making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. He states that, “Financial security is vital to the family of the beneficiary. It’s a necessity, not a luxury.” His attitude and devotion make him stand out as a brilliant Master General Agent. It’s easy to succeed at work when you do something you love and have a passion about it.

Stephen H. Jeung
Stephen Jeung is a Master General Agent leading the Rancho Cucamonga office for the Cohen and Cohen Agency.  He takes pride in running that office which serves clients in the  Inland Empire region of San Bernardino County and Riverside County.  Before becoming a senior manager, Stephen qualified for the American Income President’s Club in only 10 months as a new agent.  He is still amazed at this accomplishment, which included a special dinner with Roger Smith, the CEO of American Income.

Stephen brings an outstanding background to the Cohen and Cohen Agency.  Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay area, he attended the University of California at Berkeley where he majored in the Political Economy of Industrial Societies.  After many achievements at Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor, Stephen joined American Income.